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He Is Distant

Do you ever wonder why he has suddenly become distant?

I am sure that you do.

You know what … I am willing to bet that you have been in exactly the following situation …

You meet Mc’Dreamy or Mc’Steamy, and he seems like the man that you have always dreamed of.

He is really good looking.

He has a great job.

He chases after you like a man possessed!

He endlessly flirts with you.

He stares at you like you’re the only woman in the world that he could ever be with.

As time goes by, you open up to him more and more, until eventually you have completely fallen for him.

You feel like you can completely trust this man with all your heart.

This is all like a dream coming true …

It may even last for weeks, months or even years.

The two of you may start living together.

Maybe you get married and start a wonderful family together.

Then He Almost Disappears!

He Is Distant All Of A Sudden

Everything has changed literally over night.

It is like someone has flipped a switch and turned him off.

No more phone calls

No more flirting or whispering in your ear.

He may still be there lying in the bed next you each night, but he has become so distant, he may as well have disappeared completely.

Maybe he HAS disappeared … Gone .. Vanished.

Why He Is Distant

You know what? … This is SUCH a common situation with men.

There are so many reasons why men become distant, and appear to just switch off.

Leading relationship expert Michael Fiore says one of the biggest reasons why he is distant, is to do with a painful sounding concept called Emotional Castration.

Michael discusses the concept of Emotional Castration in detail at WhyHeLies.com

But the short version is this …

Men will become distant and shut down emotionally, because women don’t know how to receive their man’s love and affection.

I REALLY want you to think for a second …

When a man has said “I love you” … have you ever questioned him and asked him to prove it?

“Why do you love me?” … “Your just saying that because…” “Are you sure that you love me?”

Are you guilty of questioning your man like that?

After a while a man gets tired of constantly having to prove his love for you. He shows you affection, and you keep shoving it back at him.

So guess what? … In the end, he just stops trying.

This is most likely why he is distant, or worse has completely vanished.

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